ELMI Meeting 2009

The European Light Microscopy Initiative’s (ELMI) 9th annual meeting on advanced microscopy will be held from June 9-12, 2009 in Glasgow, Scotland. Both, scientific presentations and hands-on workshops will be offered to the attendees. ELMI is a communication network of advanced microscopy users and manufacturers of imaging equipment. The conference aims to promote biological imaging as a fundamental tool for basic and applied research in the life science field. It will assist scientists working in the field of life science to exploit the power of biological imaging by improving the transfer of knowledge. ELMI meetings rotate through Europe, typically hosted by members who run imaging facilities. The next ELMI meeting, held at Caledonian University, Glasgow, will be hosted by Kurt I. Anderson from the Beatson Cancer Research Institute and Gail McConnell from the Institute of Biophotonics.

University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow, Scotland, source: pixelio.de

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