New World Record in X-ray Microscopy

Oktober 5, 2009

Groundbreaking work by scientists from Switzerland, Finland and Germany has lead to a new world record in X-ray microscopy. For the first time ever, features below 10 nm in width were resolved.
Key to this new world record was doubling of the effective line density of FZP template (Fresnel Zone Plate, a key component of an X-ray microscope) by extremely conformal thin films created through the use of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). ALD work was carried out with a Picosun Sunale reactor at the premises of the University of Helsinki’s Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry.
ALD is a thin film method which enables completely controlled growth of extremely conformal films through its signature self-limiting, sequential surface reactions. ALD produces complex layer structures with atomic level accuracy. ALD processes can be reproduced with stunning accuracy.
The group produced a modified FZP with structures based on the conformal deposition of high refractive index material by ALD onto the sidewalls of a pre-patterned template made from a low refractive index material. This new focusing structure achieves an unprecedented spatial resolution in X-ray microscopy. Line widths of down to 9 nm were successfully resolved.

Original publication:
Vila-Comamala J., Jefimovs K., Raabe J., Pilvi T., Fink R.H., Senoner M., Maassdorf A., Ritala M., David C.: Advanced thin film technology for ultrahigh resolution X.ray microscopy. Ultramicroscopy. 2009 Oct;109(11):1360-4. Epub 2009 Jul 15.

Jenoptik Strengthens Presence in China

Februar 10, 2009

The Jenoptik Group has expanded its international presence. The Industrial Metrology division of the optoelectronic group acquired parts of the Chinese company Shanghai AES Auto Equipment (AES) and will amalgamate these with its existing activities. AES, with registered offices in Shanghai, was formed in 2004 and specializes in amongst other things the development, assembly and sale of industrial metrology and assembly technology for the Chinese automotive industry.

FEI Expands Presence in Mineralogy Market

Januar 15, 2009

FEI Company has acquired substantially all of the assets of Intellection Holdings of Brisbane, Australia. Intellection’s primary product is the Qemscan automated mineralogy system. The purchase increases FEI’s presence in the automated mineralogy market for mining companies. The purchase price was approximately $2.8 million. Automated mineralogy systems identify minerals in polished sections of drill core, particulate, or lump materials and quantify a wide range of characteristics, such as mineral abundance, grain size, and liberation.