Grant from NIH to Develop AFM Probes

August 19, 2009

Carbon Design Innovations has announced that it has grant in the amount of $390,000 from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program. The grant will fund the development and commercialization of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) probes for bioimaging and investigations in cellular biology. Carbon Design Innovations will collaborate with the University of California at Davis, US on the development of the probes.

MIT and INL Launch Research Collaboration

Juli 21, 2009

The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), Braga, Portugal and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MA, US have announced a new collaboration that will enrich each institution’s research activities in nanoscience and nanotechnology. The two institutions will create MIT-INL, a new education and research enterprise focusing on nanotechnology. The collaboration will create 10 senior research positions for scientists who will launch a new nanotechnology research agenda, and it will enable approximately $35 million (€25 million) of new sponsored research with MIT in its first five years.

Cellular Imaging and Analysis Software Relationship

April 28, 2009

PerkinElmer and Accelrys have announced a software collaboration to enable new single cell imaging and analysis techniques. The cooperation is aimed at providing researchers with capabilities for the detection and analysis of single cells via high content screening (HCS) technologies, for faster and better outcomes in identifying cellular markers associated with human health and disease. PerkinElmer’s Columbus software will provide the images containing single cells as well as large amounts of cell level data, and Accelrys‘ Pipeline Pilot platform will furnish intelligent algorithms and image analysis data transfer capability.

Ultra Clean to Manufacture Products for FEI

Februar 5, 2009

Ultra Clean Technology and FEI Company have signed a global supplier agreement under which Ultra Clean will provide hosted manufacturing services in the FEI Hillsboro, Ore., US facility. It is also anticipated that Ultra Clean’s Asia operations will be utilized to produce some FEI sub-assemblies. The two companies are targeting the first quarter of 2009 for transfer of current product lines to Ultra Clean operations.

Observing Cells in Solution

Februar 3, 2009

Chikara Sato and Toshihiko Ogura of the Structure Physiology Group at the Neuroscience Research Institute of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan, (AIST) have collaborated with Mitsuo Suga and Hidetoshi Nishiyama of the Clair Project at Jeol, Japan, to develop an atmospheric scanning electron microscope (ASEM) capable of observing aqueous samples and cells in solution at atmospheric pressures. Conventional electron microscopes view samples in vacuum and are unable to image wet samples or samples in solution.